Blue Advantage Savings

-- Save an extra 10% off the regular price or limited time promotional price of select* hearing aids sold at HearingLife and National Affiliated Partners.
-- 50 AIR MILES® reward miles for completing your first hearing test.
-- Up to 2,000 AIR MILES® reward miles with the purchase of select hearing aids. Reward miles may not be available at all affiliated partner clinics. Please check with your local clinic for details.
-- Member can pass on the savings to a family member, if not using the offer themselves. (Blue Cross ID required at time of sale.)

All hearing aids sold at our clinics come with our exclusive 360 After-Care™ – 3 year product warranty and 3 years of complimentary products and services, such as batteries, cleanings, reprogramming, adjustments, minor repairs, and counseling and advice as needed.

HearingLife and National Affiliated Partners

Welcome Blue Advantage members, to your Hearing Care Benefits Program!
Blue Advantage has teamed up with the professionals at HearingLife to provide the very best hearing care services to all its Members. HearingLife and its Network Partners have over 300 clinics across the Nation and form the largest network of Hearing Health care providers in Canada.

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The HearingLife member Advantage program provides Members with access to the special benefits negotiated by your organization and occasional special offers exclusive to Advantage subscribers. The explanation of your benefits will be sent to you by email immediately after successfully registering for the HearingLife Advantage program. You will also gain access to our content hub, an invaluable resource on hearing health related topics that you can access at any time!
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Your membership with Blue Advantage makes you and Members of your household eligible to receive exclusive benefits to help you on your path to better hearing.

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Note: Provider information is provided solely for the purpose of advising our members of savings currently available. It is not our intention to suggest preference for any particular product or company. Responsibility for the product and final cost remains solely between the member and the provider. Providers are not required to provide the Blue Advantage savings to members or their dependents on products that are subject to other special sales or coupon promotions at the time of purchase. The list of providers and/or the type of savings available are subject to change without notice.
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