Blue Advantage Savings

Retirement Home Search and Transition Support

Blue Advantage Members will have the following discounts available to them:
  1. Free initial phone consultation
  2. A 15% discount on our Telephone Consulting Fee. This involves a full needs assessment, analysis, search and recommendations of seniors’ residences that meet their needs. Results will be provided by email. Standard fee is $275 + tax. After the Blue Advantage discount the fee is $233 + tax.
  3. A 28% discount on our In-Person Consulting Fee (available ONLY in Greater Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa). A Senior Advisor will meet with the family in person 5 times. A first meeting will involve a full assessment. A second meeting will present the family with options where choices will be narrowed down to the top 3 that seem to be a best fit. Advisors will organize and attend tours with the family of these 3 places. The family will be supported through the entire process. If other services are required (e.g. movers, downsizers, real estate agents) recommendations can be provided. Standard fee is $550 + tax. After the Blue Advantage discount the fee is $395 + tax.

Senioropolis Inc.

Senioropolis Inc. has a database of retirement residences across Canada which it uses to assist people in relocation to a seniors’ home. As well, we have a team of Seniors Advisors who use this database to assist people going through the relocation process by both suggesting options for homes that meet their needs and by meeting with them in person, arranging and attending tours of appropriate homes.
Note: Provider information is provided solely for the purpose of advising our members of savings currently available. It is not our intention to suggest preference for any particular product or company. Responsibility for the product and final cost remains solely between the member and the provider. Providers are not required to provide the Blue Advantage savings to members or their dependents on products that are subject to other special sales or coupon promotions at the time of purchase. The list of providers and/or the type of savings available are subject to change without notice.
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