Wound & Ostomy Care Nursing

Blue Advantage Savings

20% off Initial Assessment (wound or ostomy care)
15% off Follow-ups
Free Completion of forms, with initial or follow-up assessment (ADP, ODSP, T2201)
Free Samples for 2 weeks with change in ostomy product requirements
Free Samples for 1 week with change in wound product requirements (some exceptions apply i.e. NPWT, Biological)

Wound & Ostomy Care Nursing

Blue Cross is pleased to welcome Wound & Ostomy Care Nursing to the Blue Advantage program. Specialized care of people with wound and ostomy issues, by an experienced ET (Enterostomal Therapist) Nurse. Acute or chronic wounds, malignant wounds, new and old ostomies (colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy), and fistula are some of the issues where the expertise of an ET can be of benefit. Education to people with individual needs, their families, and also to other health care professionals is often one of the best avenues to successfully overcome those health care needs. We also provide great discounts on products for wound and ostomy care.

Ontario Locations

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843 Sandcherry St. London, ON N6H 5V1 519-870-3866
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