Blue Advantage Savings

Devices – Medical / Safety Alert Watch or Pendant – 25% off – includes the activation/ set-up of devices. This is a one-time fee.


Monthly service 10% off that includes:
  1. Unlimited voice calls to 3 pre-programmed contacts –outgoing – on the devices in both Canada & USA
  2. Unlimited incoming voice calls on the devices in both Canada & USA
  3. Unlimited data transmission for 24 / 7 remote Health tracking – to send data via the 4G included connection to caregivers App and for ongoing software updates. NOTE: the use of our SIM cards – embedded in the devices - is needed to ensure fall alerts, heart rate, heart rate variability alerts are being sent in real time to loved ones.
  4. Free access to our caregiver/family App that instantly receives alerts from the devices along with showing the location of the user when an alarm goes off.


MoviWear’s medical remote monitoring 4G NurtureWatch wearables and MoviWearMED instantly alerts family and caregivers of changes in people’s vital-signs – at home our on-the-go – and instantly alerts of a fall. Complete with telephone number, your loved is always reachable. Our NurtureWatch 4G wearables also come with medication reminders and GPS location with Geo-fence alerts. Inquire TODAY!!!
Note: Provider information is provided solely for the purpose of advising our members of savings currently available. It is not our intention to suggest preference for any particular product or company. Responsibility for the product and final cost remains solely between the member and the provider. Providers are not required to provide the Blue Advantage savings to members or their dependents on products that are subject to other special sales or coupon promotions at the time of purchase. The list of providers and/or the type of savings available are subject to change without notice.
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