Blue Advantage Savings

15% off retail on these products and services:

Thermophore One Touch by Battlecreek 14" x 27" (Moist Heating Pad CSA approved)
ICE IT Cold Comfort Systems assorted fits
Anti-Flamme Herbal Pain Relief Creme
Kalaya Pain Relieving Rub
Thera-Band Products
Acuball and Acuback
IMAK Arthritis Gloves
ObusForme Backrests
Bioflex Magnetic Therapy
T.E.N.S. Units
E.M.S. Units
Thumper Mini-Pro

Please use coupon code BLUE for the discount.

Know Your Body Best

Know Your Body Best is a leading supplier supporting the wellness and rehabilitation medical disciplines with a wide array of products from exercise to hot and cold therapy. Since 1991, we have supported our Canadian customers seeking top brands such as Thermophores, Ice-It!, Thera-band, Obus Forme and Thumper just to name a few. We carry a full line of therapeutic products and topical analgesics. Please use coupon code BLUE for the discount.
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