There's been good news with the pandemic too

Virtual health care a virtual boon for many

The pandemic upended many things for many people. One big change was not being able to see a doctor in person. Another was the fear of catching COVID‑19 at a hospital. Many patients, whether willingly or not, did without the care they needed.
But there was a silver lining.
The sudden lockdown and ensuing public health measures gave virtual health care a huge boost. For the first time, many Canadians discovered the benefits of online doctor’s appointments:

  1. Convenient
    No need to travel to a clinic or hospital or wait in a crowded room. With the click of a mouse, you can be seen by your doctor at a time that’s convenient to you both.
  2. Easier to schedule
    Many doctors and specialists have adjusted their schedules to offer appointments in the evenings or on weekends.
  3. Great for minor issues
    When all you need is a word of advice or a prescription refill, virtual health care is a smart solution.
  4. Less time off work
    Not everybody can take time off work at a moment’s notice. Virtual health care goes a long way to improving health care access.
  5. Easier follow-ups
    You can actually book more frequent appointments with your doctor if needed, because it’s easier for you both.
  6. Improved access
    Virtual health care improves overall access to health care for many people—especially those in rural areas or smaller cities—and to a broader range of specialized care.
  7. Less stressful
    With all the things working in its favour, virtual health care is less stressful for you and so better for your mental health.
Technology is also opening the door to new possibilities in virtual health care. It’s particularly helpful for things like:
  1. Recording and sharing information
    Blood sugar levels, heart rate, blood pressure, food intake, weight—you can send anything you record, whether manually or with a wearable device, directly to your physician or other care providers.
  2. Checking test results
    Some online portals allow patients to check test results, request prescription refills, book appointments, and send messages.
  3. Coordinating care
    It’s never been easier for your doctor to share information with colleagues. When your health is on the line, it’s reassuring to know the various professionals involved are working as a team.
  4. Getting email or text reminders
    Automated reminders are a great way to make sure you never forget another appointment.
  5. Remotely monitoring seniors at home
    For some patients, it’s important to know if they’re eating and sleeping properly and taking their medications on schedule.

These advancements in health care help Canadians lead healthier lives. That’s important to us at Blue Cross, where the health and wellness of Canadians are top priorities. We offer services and benefits that make good additions to virtual health care, like our Blue Advantage Savings Program through our network of healthcare partners. It offers point-of-sale savings in store or online on the total cost of health and wellness products and services. See for all the ways you can save.
While there are certainly times you’ll have to see your physician in person, virtual health care is here to stay—and we have many reasons to be glad it is!


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