Blue Advantage Savings

CPAP / BiPAP machines: 10% discount up to a maximum of $100.00

Polysomnography (Complete in lab or Ambulatory (home)): 15% discount up to a maximum of $100.00

Mask / Interface: $20.00 discount on nasal and $25.00 discount on full face mask

Clinique Sommeil et Santé

Clinique Sommeil Santé offers a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic services. We specialize in diagnosing sleep disorders and sleep apnea therapy. We provide the community complete, personalized, professional, efficient and courteous services ensuring the shortest possible delay in appointments and test results. The following services are offered: Consultation with a sleep specialist (for adults and pediatrics), Ambulatory Polysomnography (home sleep study), Complete Polysomnography (Lab sleep study), CPAP titration, CPAP / BiPAP rental or purchase, Masks and accessories for sleep apnea therapy.

Quebec Locations

Address City Phone
8570 Boul. Newman LaSalle, QC H8N 1Y5 514-365-7567
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